Sunday, April 8, 2012

As nature made him

Having taken psychology in high school, I know that one of the most important debates in psychology is Nature VS Nurture. In Davids case the nature side of him is winning. I have always thought that no matter what nature is the strongest of the two. WHY? Because we are born into it, its set in our genes, DNA whatever you want to call it. Davids parents are doing everything  to teach him how to be a girl. As much as he's been taught he still has the manliness in him (machoness). Its understandable what the parents wanted to do. However they weren't strong enough to go against how he was born. Even so nurture still does play a role in lives but not when the nature side has a great pull such as in this situation. I think nature is a very important aspect of all our lives. I think nurture plays a small role compared to nature. As much as David was being taught to be a girl he still was expressing boy characteristics because he was born a male. I think sex does determine gender .

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  1. I agree that nature is more powerful than nurture. Even if nurture has some power, it's nothing next to nature, because you're born that way and it was meant to be that way. The book teaches us that sex determines gender.