Monday, February 13, 2012


The movie Gamer was not what I expected whatsoever. In my mind I thought it was going to be about teens who are OCD on playing video games or somewhere along the lines of that. With that being said, it did do this in a subtle way or as worded in the question: its the "social commentary. Simon portrayed a typical teenager gamer. Obsessed with his toys, he may have had more advanced systems, but the general image is there. Another thing, it showed was that Simon seemed to enjoy was the girls. Especially when the girls flashed, I would think that’s point on portrayal of teenage boys. 

A social commentary that we talked about in class was the man in the wheelchair.  Clearly he was obese. Everyone knows about America being an obese country. We see it, hear it, and there are statistics that prove it. The man was handicapped because of his weight, so the only way to function in society was to be literally in "Society".  It goes to show how impersonal we have gotten especially with the advancements in technology. Everything is so much easier, unlike back in the when a letter would have probably taken about a month give or take to arrive in the hands of the recipient. Now all you have to do is “shoot an email”. Or better yet Skype, iChat, Facetime, etc. Believe me all these are much appreciated.

In “Society” the people got paid for their time. In the real world people will do what ever it takes to support a family or even to sustain themselves. I feel like we have come a place where no job is shameful anymore, yes- even prostitution. I am not saying I am condoning it only that some people’s responses have changed when they hear such things.  The players very much used the game as a fantasy land where everything and anything can be true, take the man in the wheelchair. For most people fantasy is better than reality, which is understandable, except when they let it consume them. Players should not cross the thin line between sanity and insanity.

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  1. I agree that some people these days will do anything to survive, much like Cable's wife in "Society," and the scary part is that, in the world we live in these days, some people are resorting to jobs such as prostitution to get money to survive. For those who believe that fantasy is better then reality, to them it is because most of them haven't fully lived in reality, or they have gotten rejected from reality. PS. That cake in the picture is awesome, and would be a dope cake to get! So... that being said... my birthday is in April! :D JK