Sunday, January 29, 2012

Facebook VS MySpace: Battle of the Social Networks.

I thought you guys would enjoy some funny pictures

What's MySpace? Just kidding. I don't even remember how MySpace worked.  I only had it for a month, not even that. My parents did not let me have one.

When the author was claiming the ghettoization it -kind of- irked me. I have to admit I don't know much about MySpace, because all my family, friends, and acquaintances use Facebook. I don't like the term ghetto, I feel like it degrades people or cultures depending on how people use it. However I understand what Kat from Massachusetts meant when she mentioned that Myspace is used by the more hip-hop, or rap groups. Myspace allows you to put music on you page and share with others and extremely customize your page to fit you personalty. That would make sense in my eyes. Until this article I read, I had never heard this racial divisions attached to the different social networks. I didn't know Facebook was supposed to be "classier" of the two. Considering the posts, and pictures you see on Facebook, it is a far cry from a "classy" place to me. I admit I did make a Facebook because my friends had one and I wanted know what it was all about. To me it seems that Facebook is very diverse filled with different races and ethnicity's; and different classes of people. I do not like it when people make things political when its just something for entertainment, and networking.

My Facebook is not really designed in a certain way. It is the standard layout page. There is a new Timeline layout available. It seems like Facebook comes out with something new each month. Which leads to people posting about it and complaining. My page is on private, of course, I am aware of hackers can hack if they want to. I did not put any revealing information about myself.  Some things are meant for more face to face, I think. I also love it because I can stay connected especially with my cousins in Armenia. One of my cousins that I had never talked to before, had no real connection with, is one of the people I talk to everyday and am really close with. Thank you Facebook!

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  1. Your blog layout and use of images is great! Very funny too.